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“I Support Racial Harmony!” is our annual public education campaign. The 1st stage will be held in March 2013, and will consist of a variety of events including badge action campaign, cutural road show...

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承蒙 社會上不同人士或基金捐助,融樂會先後組織多個獎學金,幫助經濟有困難的少數族裔青年一圓其讀書夢。
With sponsorship from various charity foundations, Unison had set up several scholarship schemes, to assist ethnic minority youths to further their studies.

獎學金計劃 Our scholarship schemes
Unison provides job vacancy alert to job seekers in ethnic mininority commounity via e-mail on weekly basis.

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Unison Hikathon 2014

Annunal Fundraising Hike
日期Date: 26/10/2014
地點Venue: 大埔滘四色林
Tai Po Kau 4-colours Forest Walks

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想知道少數族裔在香港生活的緣由及面對的困難? 對融樂會的公眾教育及政策倡議上感到好奇?歡迎報名參加 融樂會講座 認識更多。





Interested in the background of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and the difficulties they are facing? Curious about Unison's publication and advocacy work? We welcome you to our Unison Talk .

(We welcome all students or members of the public who are interested in the issues.)

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