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如果你是社工,與少數族裔受眾因語言不通而產生溝通問題,你可以使用基督教服務處CHEERS中心的翻譯服務 ,亦可到四個地區少數族裔支援中心查詢有關少數族裔的社會服務。少數族裔居民亦跟華裔市民一樣,可以享用社會服務署各區的綜合家庭服務中心的社會服務。


Back in the early days of Hong Kong Unison's establishment, ethnic minority residents in Hong Kong did not have access to most of the social services that were available to Chinese residents. Unison handled much casework, ranging from drug abuse cases, family issues, education, legal entanglements to counseling.

Today, Hong Kong Unison has shifted its focus to advocating for policy changes that would give ethnic minorities more equal access to existing mainstream social services, and only handles a very small number of cases.

Ethnic minority residents who require assistance can still contact the Hong Kong Unison office, and we will direct you to other relevant social services, depending on the situation of your case. If you encounter unjust policies, you can also consult Unison.

If you are a social worker, and need help communicating with ethnic minority clients who do not speak Chinese, you can use the translation services from Hong Kong Christian Service's CHEER centre. The four regional support centres for ethnic minorities also provide services that target ethnic minority residents' needs. The Integrated Family Service Centres in every district can also provide social services and referrals. Ethnic minority residents have the right to enjoy the above social services the same way Chinese residents do.

Hong Kong Unison continues to monitor and review mainstream social services to ensure that ethnic minority residents have equal access to quality social services.


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