4) While you are working

陷阱的種類 及偵破工作陷阱的方法

有些不法之徒會假借開設外匯投資或推銷公司,以高薪來招請文員、抄寫員、清潔工等職員。其間他們會不斷鼓勵 員工 投資甚至轉職投資工作,引誘他們將自己及家人朋友的金錢作投資,最終以投資失敗為名,騙取員工金錢。


有些模特兒、配音公司會藉詞對方適合拍廣告或做歌星、明星等,引誘他們 付款 參加訓練、美容班或繳交試鏡費、推薦金、保證金之類,之後可能不為他們介紹任何工作並沒收所繳費用。


(1) 持平實的態度及目標
(2) 面試時提高警覺
(3) 小心檢查合約內容、附帶條件
(4) 留意工作範圍是否與廣告或面試所述相符
(5) 不要隨便繳交款項或交出要文件
(6) 不要隨便簽署文件
(7) 尋求協助

Job Scams/Job Traps
When looking for a job, be careful!! People may try to cheat you. Some jobs are too good to be true – which means a job that may sound very attractive, but has some hidden costs and is probably fake. People may steal your personal information or money! Here are some tips. Oftentimes, job offers are scams or frauds. A scam/fraud is a trick designed to cheat you of your money.

1.  DON'T GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION – When you send a resume, only include your name and contact information. Do not include your HKID number, or date of birth, or any government identification. If the company is real and wants to hire you, then they will ask for this when they have decided to hire you. They will not ask for this before they decide to hire you.

2.  DON'T GIVE MONEY – Some companies claim that you need to give them money for processing fees, and that after you pay the fee you will get the job. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. No company will EVER ask you to pay them money first.

3.  DO RESEARCH – One easy way to find out if a company is fake is to do a internet Google search. Search for the company's name plus the word “scam” or “fraud.” For example, if ABC Insurance company is offering you a job, do a search for “ABC Insurance Scam Hong Kong.” If you find many websites saying it is a scam, then it probably is.

There are many job scams in Hong Kong. Here are a few of them.

1.  Model Scam – Somebody may approach you in the MTR station. They claim they are working for a modeling agency and they want you to be one of their models. They will ask you to take some photos. Then they will ask you to pay money to get opportunities to become a model. These companies are FAKE!

2.  Work At Home Scam – Some companies claim that you can just make money at home. These are NEVER true! A real job requires that you work at the store or business office of the company.

3.  Fitness Centre Scam – This one is similar to the Model Scam. Somebody may ask you to be a model for a fitness centre. They will ask you to sign a contract. The contract will have some impossible conditions, like you must reduce your body weight by 20 pounds within one week. If you cannot meet the condition, then they will fire you! They may also ask you to pay training fees.

** Remember, no real job will ask you to pay money!

** Reminder: Language barrier (Cantonese and written Chinese is important in HK, please note your Chinese ability)

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