4) Best Working Attitude

Local Working Culture
People think that Hong Kongers work very hard and work very long hours each day. That may be true for some Hong Kong companies. However, each company in Hong Kong may have a different working environment.

If you want to succeed at work, you should adapt to the working environment at your company. Pay attention to what your colleagues are doing. Try to copy the positive things that they do.

There is also some advice that is useful for all companies:

  1. Time – ALWAYS be on time. Being on time is very important. If you are always late, your boss may fire you.
  2. Dress – Your job may give you a uniform. Make sure your uniform is always clean and that you always look neat and tidy. If your job does not require a uniform, pay attention to your co-workers. Try to follow what they wear.
    • ALWAYS wear shoes. Do not wear sandals or other footwear that show your feet.
    • Do NOT wear shorts.
    • Generally you will look more professional if you wear a shirt with a collar. Avoid wearing t-shirts.
  3. Hygiene – Make sure to always look neat. Shave regularly and take showers every day. Brush your teeth before work. Keep your hair short. Do not wear perfume/cologne.
  4. Proactive – Be PROACTIVE. Proactive means you always try to be more active for work. If you finish your work, ask your boss if there is more to do. Do not wait for your boss to give you work.
  5. Body language – Try to be aware of your body language. Keep a straight posture (keep your back straight). Do not look lazy or bored.


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