Life · Minority in Hong Kong

Life · Minority in Hong Kong
Photo Project by Hong Kong Unison X LAM Chung Tung




“Asia’s World City,” a cool name for Hong Kong.

In this metropolis, you will find world-class architecture, well-known theme parks, eastern and western festivals, and cuisines from around the world. If we fully embrace our status as a world city, then we should not be surprised to find that there are people of varying skin colors and facial features among us.

To meet them, you don’t have to visit any particular neighborhood or mansion. They are in our midst, sharing the similar thoughts and having the similar life in Hong Kong, they are one of us.




像不同的樂器、節奏      編織成一曲澎湃的樂章…
像不同的聲線、音域      演繹著一首迴腸的歌曲…
像不同的色調、光暗      描繪出一幅斑爛的圖畫…
像不同的顏色、臉孔      創造了一個豐富的世界…





“They have the similar life in Hong Kong, they are one of us.”

We were established with the hope that, one day, we will see this beautiful, harmonious scene.

Regardless of race, skin color or language,
you and I, and all of us
are entitled to equal rights, equal treatments, and an equally dignified life in this multicultural city of Hong Kong.

Through Lam Chung Tung’s lenses and Carman Ho’s pen, you will see some of the ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

Like different instruments and rhythms, woven into a surging movement …
Like different voices and tones, singing an unforgettable song
Like different colors and brightness, forming a bright image
Like different colors and faces, creating a wonderful world…

More Understanding; Less Discrimination

Thank you for coming to this exhibition.


Photography by LAM, Chung Tung
Written by HO Carman