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教師培訓 Teachers Training


融樂會認為,透過推廣多元文化教育,加強師生對不同族裔的認知及敏感度,能提升他們對不同族群的接納,達致互相欣賞和尊重,長遠有利融合教育推行,亦配合當前教育改革的方向。因此,融樂會於學校進行教師培訓 , 提昇教師認識、了解來自不同文化、種族背景的學生及家長。

Since Sep 2004, the Education Bureau (EDB) adopted a new arrangement for the education of ethnic minority children. Under the new policy, these children could opt to study in mainstream primary school that help them integrate into the community earlier. However, new challenges were brought to schools such as adaptation of students, teachers and principals, and building a racial inclusive learning environment is another new issue.

Unison believes, the promotion of multi-culture education could reinforce the racial awareness and sensitivity. It also facilitates the acceptance among different races, and mutual appreciation with respect. In long term, it could benefit the Inclusive Education that align with the goal of EDB's new policy. In response to the new policy, we organized training for teachers to cultivate their cultural sensitivity, reinforce their skill to deal with EM students and parents.

教師培訓工作坊相片 Teachers Training photos


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