Civil Servant Recruitment Policy 公務員聘任政策

自回歸後至 2011 年,香港的公務員體系沒有聘請任何新入職的少數族裔人士(在融樂會壓力下,警務處於 2012 年初聘請了回歸後第一個少數族裔人士)。政府於 2003 年修訂公務員的入職要求,提高了中文能力要求之餘,亦新要求所有入職公務員必須符合同樣的中文和英文指標。由於香港的教育制度未能讓少數族裔有效地學習中文,少數族裔的中文程度不及華裔投考者,他們通通被排拒於公務員隊伍之外。

有見及此,在少數族裔青年、本會及多方努力爭取下,警務處終於在 2011 年修訂了學警及見習督察的遴選程序,即除中英文能力外,少數族裔的語言能力亦納入評分準則。

是項修訂為少數族裔青年重燃希望,提高加入警隊及其他部門等機會,亦為其他政府部門立下先例。另外,警務處亦於 2011 年試行一項先導計劃,於 5 個警區聘請少數族裔青年為社區聯絡助理。


Between the handover in 1997 and 2011, the Hong Kong civil service did not hire any ethnic minority new recruits (under pressure from Unison, the Police Force employed the first ethnic minority new recruit in early 2012). The government revised the civil service recruitment requirements in 2003, unifying the language requirements for all applicants and raising the required Chinese standards. Since the local education system cannot take care of the needs of ethnic minorities who are learning Chinese as a second language, the amendments in 2003 has in effect shut the door to civil service for most ethnic minority applicants.

Following our efforts with ethnic minority youth and other concerned groups, the Hong Kong Police Force eventually revised the recruitment procedures for police constables and probationary inspectors in 2011. As such, apart from English and Chinese competency, other language proficiencies for ethnic minorities will also be taken into consideration.

This revision has given hope to ethnic minority youths and increased their chance for joining the police force and civil service. It also serves as a precedent for other governmental departments.

Besides, the Hong Kong Police Force launched a pilot scheme in 2011 to hire ethnic minority youths as Police Community Liaison Assistants in 5 selected police districts.

We will go on to help ethnic minority youth apply for the posts in the police force and civil service.

工作議題 Issues we are working on :

  • 檢討公務員聘任政策
    Review on the Civil Servant Appointment Policy
  • 爭取少數族裔加入公務員團隊及相關專業的機會(例如警隊、懲教署、社工和護士等)
    Opportunities in joining Civil services and professions (Police, CSD, Social Work, Nursing etc)
  • 爭取在政府部門和公營機構(包括社會福利署、勞工處、公屋辦事處、公營醫院和賽馬會診所等)增設合約職位
    Create contract post (Liaison officers/assistants) in SWD, LD, Housing Estates Office and public hospitals & Jockey Club clinics


工作策略 Working Strategies:

  • 向有關部門(例如警務處和懲教署)進行遊說
    Directly lobby and communicate with the concerned parties, e.g. Police and CSD
  • 傳媒工作
  • 研究

預期成果 Expected outcomes:

  • 政府作為大雇主,領先為少數族裔提供平等就業機會
    The government takes the lead to provide equal opportunities in employment
  • 少數族裔受聘為公務員
    Ethnic minorities being recruited into Civil Service (police, CSD, immigration etc)

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