監察種族歧視條例執行 Monitoring the Implementation of the RDO

平等機會委員會 Equal Opportunities Commission


The Race Discrimination Ordinance provides a legal framework to protect Hong Kong citizens including ethnic minorities from racial discrimination as well as channels for lodging complaints. We will monitor closely the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) in the implementation of the Race Discrimination Ordinance.

工作策略 Working Strategies:

  • 協助個別個案向平機會投訴
    Assist individual cases to lodge complaints to the EOC
  • 推廣平機會服務及《種族歧視條例》
    Promote the RDO and the services of the EOC
  • 與平機會主席和職員保持聯繫
    Keep close communication with the EOC head and staff
  • 傳媒工作
    Work with the media

預期成果 Expected outcomes:

  • 確保平機會有效執法和提供優質服務
    Effective law enforcement and better services of the EOC
  • 平機會聘請少數族裔職員
    The EOC to hire more ethnic minority staff members
  • 平機會主動接觸少數族裔社群
    The EOC reaching out to ethnic minority communities
  • 平機會主動回應影響少數族裔社群的議題
    The EOC to actively respond to issues affecting ethnic minorities
  • 確保向平機會投訴的案件都得到公平和妥善的處理
    Ensuring that cases are dealt properly and fairly by the EOC

你可以致電熱線 2511 8211  向平機會查詢投訴的程序。在辦公時間以外,你可以在查詢熱線留下你的口訊和聯絡電話號碼,平機會會在翌日上班時回覆你。

你亦可以 網上投訴表格 電郵 電話 書信 傳真 親臨平機會 作出查詢或投訴。要多了解種族歧視條例和平機會投訴機制,請瀏覽 平機會網頁

If wish to make an enquiry about lodging a complaint to the EOC, you can call the EOC hotline at 2511 8211. If you call the hotline outside its operation hours, you can leave a message and the EOC staff members will contact you.

You can also lodge complaints to the EOC via online form , email , letter , fax and in-person . Visit the EOC website to learn more about the RDO and complaint procedures.

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《行政指引》 Administrative Guidelines

由於《種族歧視條例》豁免太多,保障不足 ,在本會與香港人權監察的爭取下,政府終向十六個政策局及服務部門發出《行政指引》。 相關部門在制定政策或提供服務時,需考慮促進平等機會及消除種族歧視的原則。


The Race Discrimination Ordinance does not provide adequate protection due to the excessive exemptions. Through the joint lobbying efforts of Hong Kong Unison and Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor, the government has drawn up a set of Administrative Guidelines for 16 policy bureaus and departments.

In formulating policies or providing services, relevant departments have to observe the principles in relation to the promotion of equal opportunities and the elimination of racial discrimination.

We will continue to follow closely the implementation of Administrative Guidelines and get them extended to law enforcement authorities, such as the Hong Kong Police Force and the Immigration Department.


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