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入學中文資格 Admissions Chinese Language Requirements

每年只有極少數的少數族裔學生能夠考入本地學位課程,原因之一是他們欠缺中文能力。經過本會多年的游說及爭取下,各大學終於在 2008 年接納少數族裔學生以綜合中學教育證書中文科 (GCSE) 成績,作為入讀大學的中文資格,為少數族裔青年剔除了一個入讀大學的大障礙,讓人才得到栽培。



Every year only a very small number of ethnic minority students are admitted to degree programmes. One of the reasons is that they lack Chinese proficiency. Following our lobbying efforts, GCSE Chinese examination taken by ethnic minority students was accepted as an alternative to Chinese language qualification for entry into tertiary institutions in 2008. This greatly helps to remove the barrier for them to get access to educational advancement.

With the revision of the entry requirement, ethnic minority students who performed well in public examinations have gained a greater chance to be admitted into universities.

Unfortunately, without adequate Chinese-language support in school, ethnic minority student not only lag behind in Chinese; their performance in other subjects are often compromised too. In the long term, we suggest that the government develop an appropriate Chinese-as-Second-Language curriculum and assessment scheme.

工作成果 Achievements

2009 年,經過少數族裔學生和本會多次向政府當局爭取下,政府終於在 2010 學年開始,把綜合中學教育證書 ( 中文科 ) 的考試費 ($965) 下調至與香港中學會考中文科考試費 ($194) 相同水平。

In 2009, we petitioned with ethnic minority students for a reduction in GCSE Chinese examination fee ($965). Finally, the government lowered the fee to $194 in 2010, the same level as that of the HKCEE.

帶來影響 Impacts


This initiative encourages more ethnic minority students to study Chinese and enroll in relevant Chinese examinations so as to acquire additional Chinese qualifications apart from HKCEE, which has enhanced their chances for educational advancement and employment opportunities, as well as their competitiveness.

展望 The Way Forward

我們會繼續向政府爭取下調 GCE 中文科的考試費 (2012 年度 A-Level $4080; AS-Level $2720) 與香港中學文憑會考中文科考試費 ($540) 相同,讓更多少數族裔學生可享有平等機會報考更高程度的中文考試。

We will continue to lobby the government to lower the GCE Chinese examination fee ( $4080 for A-Levels, $2070 for AS-Levels in 2011/12 ) to $540, the same level as that of HKDSE, in order to enable ethnic minority students to have equal opportunities to enroll in Chinese examinations of higher level.



專上教育學院課程 IVE Courses

在嘉道理基金的捐助下,本會成功連續兩年向專上教育學院 IVE 於 2004/05 及 2005/06 學年包班開辦首個專為少數族裔而設的酒店基礎文憑課程,並於 2006 年成功向政府爭取延續該項課程及開辦其他為少數族裔青年度身訂造的課程至今。

With sponsorship from the Kadoorie Charitable Foundation, a tailor-made IVE Foundation Diploma Course for ethnic minority students, the first of its kind, was launched in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006. In 2006, we successfully convinced the government to continue funding the course and open up more courses for ethnic minorities.

帶來影響 Impacts

透過這個基礎文憑課程,讓很多 2007 年或之後畢業的少數族裔青年在完成高中課程後,有機會繼續學業。根據平等機會委員會報告, 2010/11 年度本地學位課程的華裔學生共有一萬六千多人,少數族裔僅 41 人,佔全體專上程度學生不足 1% 。

This Foundation Diploma Course enabled many ethnic minority students who finished secondary school on or after 2007 to pursue further education.

According to a report by the Equal Opportunities Commission, only 41 ethnic minority students were studying in degree programmes during the first semester of the 2011/12 school year, compared to around 16,000 local Chinese students. Ethnic minority students make up less than 1% of all tertiary education students.

展望 The Way Forward


We will continue to fight for more options being offered to ethnic minority students after they complete senior secondary school.


倡議策略 Working Strategies:

  • 政治遊說(立法會議員和政府官員等)
    Political lobbying (LegCo members and government officials etc)
  • 與教育局直接對話
    Direct communication with the EDB
  • 傳媒工作和社會行動
    Media work & Social actions
  • 研究
  • 向相關團體遞交立場書
    Written submissions to concerned parties
  • 與學術界、學校和少數族裔領袖溝通
    Engage dialogues with academics and EM leaders and schools
  • 家庭和學校探訪
    Home and school visits
  • 法律行動
    Legal Action


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