學位開放 School Places Allocation

在 2004 年之前,本港 1200 間政府資助學校當中,只有 7 所小學及 3 所中學願意取錄少數族裔學生入讀,而且入學往往要等上 6 個月至 3 年,亦令很多學生要跨區上學。經過本會聯同家長及學生多年爭取,政府在 2004 年終於改變小一及中一學位分配辦法,讓少數族裔有機會入讀主流學校及全面學習中文。

Before 2004, among 1,200 government-funded schools, only 7 primary schools and 3 secondary schools were willing to admit ethnic minority children, and ethnic minority students often had to wait 6 months to 3 years before they were placed in a school. Students were often placed in schools far from home. With the united efforts of Unison, parents and students over the years, the government subsequently revised the School Places Allocation Policy for Primary 1 and Secondary 1, allowing ethnic minority children to study in mainstream schools and thus have a chance to learn Chinese more comprehensively.


帶來影響 Impact

2004 年後,少數族裔學童終於能享有與本港華裔學童同等的學位分配辦法,有機會在所住地區內就學及學習中文。在 2011/12 年度,全港有一萬四千多名少數族裔學童就讀於公營和直資的中小學。

Since 2004, ethnic minority children have been able to enjoy equal opportunities in the school places allocation system. They were finally able to enjoy the same rights as local Chinese students and be placed in schools of their choice in their own district. In the 2011/12 school year, over 14,000 ethnic minority students are studying in government-funded schools.


展望 The Way Forward

我們將繼續爭取政府為他們提供同等質素的教育, 包括營造種族和諧、包容及多元文化的學校環境。並在小學常識書及中學通識科加入不同種族及文化的元素。

We will continue to advocate for quality education for ethnic minority students, and promote harmonious, inclusive and diversified learning environments. We also propose to add more racial and cultural elements to the general studies textbooks in primary education and Liberal Studies subject in secondary education.


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