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香港融樂會成立於 2001 年 3 月,為一所非政府資助的非牟利機構,並於 2005 年註冊成為公共慈善機構( IR File No. 91/7763 )。自成立以來,我們的服務範圍由個人服務擴展至關注影響少數族裔居民的社會政策。

Hong Kong Unison is a non-governmental organization founded in March 2001 and recognized as a public charitable institution (IR File No. 91/7763) in 2005. We receive no government funding. In the past years, our services have expanded from handling individual cases to advocating policy reforms for ethnic minority residents.


服務對象 Service Targets


除了香港永久居民之外,在港的少數族裔人士(非華裔人士)還包括外籍家庭傭工、難民/尋求庇護人士/酷刑聲請人士和海外僱員等 。香港有其他機構服務後三類人士。要聯絡其他服務少數族裔的機構,請按此參閱其他機構的聯絡方法,或參閱服務難民/尋求庇護人士/酷刑聲請人士機構表列。

Hong Kong Unison focuses its work on serving ethnic minority Hong Kong residents and their families.

Apart from permanent residents, ethnic minorities in Hong Kong also include foreign domestic workers, refugees/ asymlum seekers/ torture claimants and expatriate workers. There are other organizations with services catered to the latter three groups. To contact other organizations that serve ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, click here for a list of other organizations, or refer to the list of organizations serving refugees, asylym seekers and torture claimants.


工作範圍 Scope of Our Work

多年來融樂會的工作範圍不斷演化,現時融樂會把工作範圍集中於政策倡議上 ,包括爭取改善少數族裔中文教育政策、為少數族裔學生開拓更多升學途徑、爭取公平待遇等 。

另外,融樂會亦保留了部分直接服務,包括 :

  • 到校園推廣種族和諧 ;
  • 舉辦提升種族敏感度講座 ;
  • 籌辦針對少數族裔學生的職業導向計劃 ;
  • 少數族裔學生獎學金等 。

融樂會並沒有開辦社區中心或直接服務處,沒有提供課後活動或舉辦活動小組,只有一個位於大角咀的辦公室處理文書工作。 訪客敬請預約。


After years of evolution, Hong Kong Unison now puts most of our effort in Policy Advocacy work. That includes advocating for better Chinese language education policies for ethnic minorities, expanding ethnic minority students' post-secondary options in education, and fighting for equal access to public services.

Hong Kong Unison also operates some direct services, such as :

  • Promoting racial harmony and cultural sensitivity in schools;
  • Giving talks on cultural sensitivity to interested organizations;
  • Organizing career guidance programs for ethnic minority students;
  • Scholarships for ethnic minority students who wish to further their education.

Hong Kong Unison does not maintain a direct service centre or host any regular after-school activities. Our office is located in Tai Kok Tsui. Visits are by appointment only.

To learn more about Hong Kong Unison's work, you can take a look at the “Our Work” section of our website, and partake in one of our monthly talks.

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