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融樂會本著人權和平等的信念服務少數族裔居民多年。創會總幹王惠芬成為 2012 香港人道年獎得獎者,表揚其在社會上以實際行動充分體現人道精神。 在《回歸信念 - 社工信念的實踐》中出版的文章《好憐憫 , 行公義》裡 ,她亦細訴了融樂會的故事和社工爭取公義的信念。﹝點擊文件細閱全文 ﹞

“To act justly, and love mercy,” this is the value that propelled Unison's founding director, Fermi Wong, to incessantly advocate for ethnic minority residents in Hong Kong. She was awarded the 2012 Hong Kong Humanity Award in recognition of her long term contribution to humanity through serving the vulnerable. Read about the story of Unison and the values of social work in the book chapter by Fermi Wong. (Click to view. In Chinese only)







We Believe

People are born EQUAL, where no one should be excluded from the equal social participation due to differences in race, culture, language, economic or social status.

We are endeavor in helping the local ethnic minority community in integrating into the Hong Kong society, shoulder the social responsibilities, and access to equal education, employment, legal, housing, social and medical services, and any rights that  Hong Kong residents are entitled.



  1. 消除種族歧視
  2. 平等的教育機會
  3. 平等的就業及培訓機會
  4. 提升文化及種族敏感度
  5. 平等使用公共服務
  6. 自助充權及社會參與

We Concern

  1. Elimination of racial discrimination
  2. Equal education opportunities
  3. Equal employment & training opportunities
  4. Enhancement of Cultural & racial sensitivity
  5. Equal access to public services
  6. Empowerment & social participation


  1. 發揚種族平等的人道精神
  2. 推廣跨種族、跨文化的了解和交流
  3. 提供社會服務,協助本港少數族裔居民參與社會
  4. 推廣不分種族的社會服務
  5. 動員所有具同樣心志的社會人士,無分種族,參與義務工作;發揚跨種族的互助精神

Our Missions

  1. To promote racial equality
  2. To promote cross-racial and cross-cultural understanding and communications
  3. To provide social services and assist ethnic minority residents in participating in the Hong Kong society
  4. To promote equal access to social services regardless of race
  5. To unite people of different races who share common goals to work together through the participation in volunteer services; and to encourage cross-racial collaboration


  1. 社會服務
  2. 服務聯繫
  3. 政策倡議
  4. 公眾教育
  5. 組織工作

Our Working Strategies

  1. Direct social services
  2. Services referral
  3. Policy advocacy
  4. Public education
  5. Community organizing


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